About Adopting

Please Adopt don't shop

New Hope Dog Rescue is looking for responsible and caring people to give a New Hope Dog their much needed second chance at happiness. Adopting a dog is not a decision that should be made lightly but is the greatest thing you could do for these wonderful beings and often your whole family.

We match dogs for their homes based on what is the best home for that particular dog and have a thorough adoption process. Some very wonderful families will be suggested to look at other dogs because their favourite looking dog may not be the best match for the family. We will always give an honest depiction of the dogs in our care and wish every dog and family to be successful in the adoption process. .Every dog's story is different and their needs in a forever home vary. We work hard to ensure each adopter and dog are a perfect match that will last a long and loving lifetime.

All applicants must go through the adoption process as we want to be sure that every adopter is fully aware of a dog’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure the perfect match.

New Hope Dog Rescue unfortunately cannot adopt a dog to a family further than 2 hours away from Thunder Bay, however exceptions do happen. A home visit is always required and we need to have a volunteer in the area to do that home visit.

The Adoption process
How our adoption process works:

1. Send in your application when a dog we post interests you!
2. Phone interview (if the application is a suitable fit for the dog)
3. Two Personal References are called
4. One Veterinary Reference is called (when applicable)
5. Home Visit is conducted
6. Meet and Greet with the dog
7. If all goes well, the final step is Adoption

Our adoption fee is $300 and it includes:
• General Veterinary Exam
• DHPP vaccine & Booster
• Rabies vaccine
• Spay/Neuter
• Microchip

Thank you for your interest in adopting with NHDR. We hope to connect you with your forever dog soon!