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At New Hope Dog Rescue, we believe that each volunteer who contributes by working shifts at the shelter, fostering, fundraising, transporting, and the myriad of other jobs we need done, makes a huge difference in the life of our rescued animals.

Our volunteers spend hundreds of hours a month maintaining operations so that we can continue to help more needy and homeless dogs. We could not do what we do without the hundreds of people who volunteer each and everyday. Whether you volunteer an hour a week or three hours a day, everyone is needed.

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    Baking for eventsVolunteering at eventsNail trims at eventsMaking crafts for fundraisingDonation pick up/drop off, food delivery, dogs to and from vet appointmentsTransport - drive to shelters, pick up dogs and take them to foster homes, pick up fosters to take to events and return back to fosters

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