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Zeke is a young adult, very friendly and affectionate dog who bonds quickly and is eager to please. He has an excellent temperament and is always smiling.  He loves people and is very sweet to anyone that will just give him affection.

He weighs 43 pounds, but is considered underweight and should be close to 55 pounds. X-rays show, that he has had a past trauma to this back end which could lead to arthritis in the future.  It doesn’t slow him down, he loves to run, play and go for walks at the tree farm.skills as he’s prone to not catching it, scrambling to get it, losing it, and racing to get it again. Be sure to come say hello to this chocolate cherub in Frederick on Sunday!

Zeke would love to be your forever companion. He would like nothing more than to spend all day hanging out with you. If you’re looking for that canine love of your life, than look no further.